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Freud Group is a Full-Service Real Estate Consulting Agency offering its in-depth expertise of the Miami Market for:

Discover the Trustworthy and Dedicated Miami Real Estate Experts: The Freud Team with the Corcoran Group

When it comes to finding a standout Miami real estate expert you can trust, look no further than the Freud Team with the Corcoran Group. Our commitment to excellence and dedication sets us apart from the rest, ensuring a reliable and exceptional real estate experience.

  • Property Search: Smart, Timely, and Efficient.
  • Buying/Selling Process: Negotiation, Marketing (Professional Photos/Videos/Drones), Financial/Mortgage, Legal (due diligence, closing,…), Banking (escrow, account opening), Accounting, Fiscal optimization, Administrative;
  • Property Management: Interior Design, Rental, Maintenance, Quarterly Financial Reports;
  • Conciergerie: Luxury Car Rentals, Boats/Yachts rental, Sports & Entertainment Tickets, Country Club Memberships, and more…;

We set ourselves apart by constantly thinking “outside the box” to find our clients the perfect match, the best possible deals and conditions.

There is not one day we don’t go above and beyond for our clients. We consider ourselves to be a committed partner our clients can always rely on from the very moment they get in business with us!

Last but not least, we only believe in long time relationships! This is the best way to be successful overtime.

Searching the right property?

Whether you're looking for a primary/secondary home meeting a particular lifestyle, or for the right investment to meet your goals, you can count on one of our experts to assist you throughout the process in a Smart, Timely, and Efficient way! If you're not familiar with Miami, no worries! We'll be happy to share all you need to know about each neighborhood!

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