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Many want to work with athletes, but few know how to! 

Freud Group has a unique expertise managing and preserving Athletes’ wealth thru individually tailored investment strategies in Real Estate assets.


From 1998 and 2018 FIFA World Cup champions, to top NBA players, Michael Wiesenfeld, Freud Group co-Founder, has been representing athletes ever since 2006. As a sports fanatic and former FIFA player’s Agent, Michael has the highest respect for athletes and the amount of work and sacrifice it took them to get to the highest level. He makes it his very own mission to assist his athlete clients in preserving and growing the fruit of their hard work. Athletes’ careers are short, so it’s key to make sure these lucrative professional years will leave the athlete with a confortable revenue stream and/or assets which will, at the very least, retain value overtime.


Michael has a very unique understanding of athletes’ investment goals and needs, the way they do business, how to collaborate with their sports agents and/or immediate family, and the importance of preserving their capital during their career.
Our services include:
  • Setting goals based on current age and earnings: players at the start of their career usually earn less than when in their prime. However, they also have more time to plan and capitalize. Athletes at the end of their career have higher costs of living (family…), lower contracts, therefore usually needs immediate returns.
  • Finding and acquiring the right properties to reach your goals.
  • Diversifying Real Estate Portfolio to mitigate risk
  • Introducing you to a team of experts in the field of Real Estate Law, Tax Law, accounting, and Financing/Banking, in order to optimize your investments.
Of course, investing in real estate doesn’t have to only be about returns. It can also be about acquiring the second home of your dreams for you to spend your vacations or for your post career. We will be happy to help you with that as well!
Charles Nzogbia
Charles Nzogbia
Professional Athlete - Aston Villa

Zelda has been instrumental targeting the properties meeting my needs, scheduling visits, negotiating and signing the agreement in less than 72 hours.. Her knowledge of the market were also key to help me feel confident with this investment. I have rarely experienced such a level of service! Thank you!

Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele
Former Professional Athlete - Chelsea FC

First, they are always reachable one way or another, and on top of things. Always! I called one afternoon asking for a luxury rental starting the very next day on December 31st! I had very little hope, yet they did think outside the box to find a way to accommodate this almost “mission impossible” request.

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