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Expert Real Estate Services for Athletes: Freud Group

Many aspire to work with athletes, but few truly understand how. At Freud Group, we possess unique expertise in managing and preserving athletes’ wealth through individually tailored investment strategies in real estate assets.

Representing Athletes Since 2006

Michael Wiesenfeld, co-Founder of Freud Group, has been representing athletes since 2006, from 1998 and 2018 FIFA World Cup champions to top NBA players. With a deep passion for sports and extensive experience as a former FIFA player’s Agent, Michael holds the highest respect for athletes and acknowledges the immense work and sacrifice they put into reaching the highest level of their careers. His mission is to assist athlete clients in preserving and growing the fruits of their hard work. Athletes’ careers are short, making it crucial to ensure that these lucrative professional years result in a comfortable revenue stream and valuable long-term assets.

Understanding Athletes’ Investment Goals and Needs

Michael possesses a unique understanding of athletes’ investment goals, the way they conduct business, the importance of collaborating with their sports agents and immediate family, and the significance of capital preservation during their careers.

Our Services

  • Setting goals based on current age and earnings, tailored to athletes at different stages of their careers
  • Finding and acquiring the right properties to achieve investment goals
  • Diversifying real estate portfolios to mitigate risk
  • Introducing a team of experts in real estate law, tax law, accounting, and financing/banking to optimize investments
  • Assisting with acquiring second homes for vacations or post-career aspirations

Investing in real estate offers not only financial returns but also the opportunity to acquire your dream second home. At Freud Group, we are here to help you with all aspects of real estate investment.

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