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Invest in Detroit

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Invest in Detroit

The Freud Group now offers high-return (9%+ net), turn-key investments for $73,850 in Detroit!

What do you get?

  • Full ownership of your Single Family home acquisition: 3 Bedroom/1.5 Bath, 1000-1300 Sq.ft (excluding basement)
  • $520/month rent NET of any fees and expenses (before Taxes)
  • All costs and Expenses (before taxes) related to your home and investment are paid (insurance, Property Tax, Management…)

What’s included?

  • Searching and acquiring the property clear of any debts and liens
  • Legal Set up (LLC formation) + Closing Fees
  • Bank Account set up if you need one
  • Renovation to make the property rental-ready
  • Our Fee.

Why is your investment safe?

It’s all inclusive, protecting you against all issues that could occur in the life of a rental investment (5 years Maximum):

    • If tenant doesn’t pay, you still get your rent on time no matter what!
    • Liability and Property insurance coverage
    • Quality Insurance protection for repairs/maintenance. If the fridge breaks, it’s included. If the roof needs repairs, it’s included.
    • On-site Property management (Marketing, maintenance, collecting rent,…)

Investment Simulation:

Detroit Investment Simulation

Detroit, It's GO Time!

Why Invest in Detroit?


Economic trends create numerous jobs and the population is rapidly increasing. From 25 % unemployment in 2013 to less than 5% in 2018. No longer willing to depend on the auto industry the city aims to diversify its economy by becoming a major center in mobility services and the development of technologies associated with finance and logistics. One of the few debt-free cities in the U.S.

National Investment

Google, Ford, Chrysler are opening offices industries and acquiring turnkey projects. Cleveland Cavaliers owner and business Mogul Dan Gilbert invested $5.6 billion in Detroit since 2010. JP Morgan Invested $100 million in Detroit and committed $150 million in 2019.


New industries, businesses and virtuous economic cycles means newcomers must find lodgings, which revitalizes the housing market, where prices are still low.

International Investment

International investors are following in the wake of institutional investors, and are investing massively in the rapidly rising profitability of Detroit: with investments under $80,000, generating rents over $800, this opportunity is very much appreciated by savvy real estate investors.

Last but not least, we only believe in long time relationships! This is the best way to be successful overtime.

Detroit Metropolitan Area

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